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A&C offers a full range of creative services to develop projects that educate a key constituency or achieve a specific employee or public awareness goal.

Frequently these projects involve multiple objectives that use several platforms (i.e. exhibitions, brochures, lecture series, personalized marketing to a core constituency, along with a media campaign) in order to communicate a message from different perspectives, and/or to reach different but overlapping groups.

Sample projects:

The Western Alliance Against Violence and the Oakland Police Department,
Oakland, CA:

A&C produced a junior-high curriculum, Street Smarts: A Guide to Living Safely on personal safety strategies for managing the rigors of domestic and community violence. Adopted by the Oakland Unified School district, the award winning public education program developed for the Oakland Police Department was part of several initiatives to enhance the image of Oakland police officers with school teachers, parents and pre-teens. The project consisted of an outreach letter and seven-day curriculum for teachers, a workbook for students, and a curriculum for police officers who visited the classroom on the final day to make a presentation.

United States Information Agency,
Washington, D.C.:

A&C developed a traveling series of exhibitions and programs to introduce different aspects of American culture to the Japanese people.

Exhibitions included "The American Landscape," "Navajo Blankets," "Art of the American West," and "Robert Rauschenberg’s Stone Moon" series documenting the NASA space program. The exhibitions were circulated to U.S. centers in Japan and involved exhibition catalogs, opening night activities, lectures, and other related events. This goodwill tour and the extensive educational press kits that accompanied each program garnered excellent media coverage and attendance.

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