“The job of buildings is
to improve human relations:
Architecture must ease them,
not make them worse.”

- Ralph Erskine

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A&C has extensive experience managing complex percent-for-art, public arts and planning projects that require the participation of multiple parties with diverse agendas. We work with city planners, developers, public artists and architects on cultural programs or facility design, with the objective of enhancing development projects, fostering community redevelopment or as an aid to marketing commercial real estate.

We have created campaigns for our clients’ property developments that capitalize on the public relations opportunities associated with art programs, in order to gain positive community acceptance and success for their projects.

Sample projects:

Golden Gate University,
San Francisco, CA:

A&C developed an art program for the University’s main campus to enhance the facilities and improve campus cultural life. Over five hundred works of art by leading contemporary artists were donated as a result of our solicitation. We managed the art program over a number of years, converting the university’s main lobby into a rotating exhibition space for which we curated seven exhibitions annually.

Dillingham Development Corporation,
Los Angeles, CA:

A&C developed marketing strategies to establish a cultural identity for Dillingham's new Palo Alto office complex, including promotional events, outdoor sculpture exhibitions and a series of programs to improve community relations with Stanford students.

First Interstate Bank
Los Angeles, CA:

A&C managed three large scale sculpture commissions for the bankís corporate headquarters including press conference, and invitation only event, to Bank V.I.Pís, customers and potential tenants. A&C also developed an art program for the bank consisting of over three thousand works of art. (see art consulting for more detailed information.)

Transamerica Corporation
San Francisco, CA:

A&C produced rotating sculpture exhibitions and noontime performing arts programs in the corporate park adjacent to Transamericaís headquarters. We also ran their lobby exhibition program for seven years. (See cultural programs for more detailed information.)

The City of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works,
Los Angeles, CA:

A&C consulted with the city on their downtown renovation, and created a cultural and amenities plan that consisted of an art plan, a marketing plan for creating a cultural identity for the project, a research study on the potential users of the property and the optimal mix of retail and entertainment elements with the goal of revitalizing public usage of the development during evenings and weekends.

Selected clients past and present include:

  • Golden Gate University, San Francisco
  • Transamerica Corporation, San Francisco
  • Times Mirror Corporation, Los Angeles
  • Security Pacific Bank, Los Angeles
  • Transamerica Occidental Life, Los Angeles
  • MECLA, Guadalajara
  • Monolithic Memories, Santa Clara
  • Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester
  • Southern Pacific Land Company
  • Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation, Oakland
  • Transaction Technologies, Inc., Los Angeles
  • First Interstate Bank, Los Angeles
  • Tishman West Management Corporation, Boston
  • The Equitable Life Assurance Company, New York

Other services offered include:

Art Consulting
Art & Science Programs
Public Education
Good Will Projects
Print Communications
  Cultural Programs
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