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Services | Print Communications

A&C develops print publications, books or strategic communications to achieve institutional objectives. Depending on our objective, publications might take the form of educational kits, corporate newsletters, coffee table art books, exhibition posters, limited edition prints, or catalogues. Our work encompasses:
  • Developing single-issue strategic or crisis communications
  • Creating special printed projects such as posters or brochures, that entail providing content, design, editing production and distribution;
  • Establishing client identity through printed promotional initiatives such as posters, flyers or press-kits aimed at cultivating specific media or a key constituency;

Sample projects:

2005 Custom Calendar
Employee Education and Scientific Leadership

Genentech, Inc.
South San Francisco, CA:

A&C produced a deluxe 2005 calendar, using color images from Genentech research (crystallography, microscopy, MRI and computed tomography), to be given as a gift at the Corporate Information Technology unitís annual employee meeting. The calendarís distribution was then expanded to include all of the companyís new employees for 2005, Genentech board and advisory members, and CIT internal clients company-wide. Designed to highlight Genentechís scientific leadership and to convey scientific information and research milestones to employees, the calendar included content on biotech drug development, imaging modalities, and personal introductions to some of Genentechís leading scientists and their work.

Client Identity
First Interstate Bank,
Los Angeles, CA:

A&C created a luxury corporate gift book with 400 pages and 250 color plates to document the bank’s new headquarters and extensive art collection. The book was given to board members, strategic partners and VIP clients.

Live Oak Institute,
Oakland, CA:

A&C created a brochure and talking points to be used in presentations on the Live Oak Community concept for nursing homes and long term care facilities.

Strategic Communications and Repositioning Corporate Identity
Transamerica - Occidental Life,
San Francisco, Los Angeles, CA:

A&C created a milestone photo and document exhibition on the history of Occidental Life Insurance Company that was on long-term display in the company’s headquarters, to celebrate their 75th anniversary and to mark their corporate name change. A marketing brochure was developed to announce the new corporate identity to Occidental's clients and field agents and to help put a personal face on the corporate merger.

Other services offered include:

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