“Depending on the circumstances,
you should be hard as a diamond,
flexible as a willow,
smooth-flowing like water
or as empty as space.”

- Morihei Ueshiba

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A&C produces film, video and digital products that help further our clients public education, or employee, or public relations objectives: We have produced films that showcase a product, such as our “Public Sculpture” documentary that aired on public television, sponsored by Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation; or our mediation training video co-produced for MECLA. A&C also provides concept development and research for media projects such as the educational film series’ “Economics” and “War”, sponsored by the Chevron School Broadcasting Program.

Sample projects:

Ruth Group CD

Ruth Group Poster

The Ruth Group,
San Francisco, CA:

A&C produced a CD that documented a town hall forum event with activists/journalists Daniel Ellsberg and David Harris. The CD and press kit was distributed to national public interest radio stations and was used in organizing activities to promote the concept of "Active Citizenship." A&C was also involved in arranging for national speaking presentations on the topic.

Other services offered include:

Art Consulting
Art & Science Programs
Public Arts
Public Education
Good Will Projects
  Print Communications
Cultural Programs
Forums and Seminars
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