“Creativity is allowing yourself
to make mistakes. Art is knowing
which ones to keep.”

- Scott Adams, ‘The Dilbert Principle’

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Arts projects can be highly effective in achieving name recognition, employee or public goodwill, or a specific branding or repositioning goal. A&C assists clients with the organization, circulation or sponsorship of festivals, exhibitions, or performing art events.

We have produced programs that take place on-site at our client’s headquarters or in their local community where they want to enhance their civic and or cultural profile. Other projects that seek to build a national profile for the client travel around the country, or to areas where key constituencies are located.

Sample projects:

The San Francisco Children’s Festival,
San Francisco, CA:

A&C designed this major branding campaign event at Fort Mason pier for a family museum. We organized the festival and a related series of media events The festival included booths by major bay area family entertainment outlets such as the SF Giants, and a 10-foot pyramid structure sponsored by Transamerica Corporation that consisted of visitor-decorated balloons that became a play space for younger children. The festival brought over 4,500 families to a weekend celebration of children.

Cultural Programs
K.Q.E.D., Inc. National Public Television,
San Francisco, CA:

A&C provided consulting services both locally and in Japan for the development of cultural exchange programming and local corporate underwriting of projects. We were executive producers of Public Sculpture, a film sponsored by Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation. Our involvement also included the development and funding of programs such as the annual animation festival, "Artbeat" and the Japanese film series.

Cultural Programs
Transamerica Corporation,
San Francisco, CA:

• A&C produced a fine-art photo exhibition "The American Landscape" that traveled to New York and Washington D.C. as part of an initiative to attract the attention of certain members of congress and the Secretary of the Interior, who was invited to participate in the opening ceremonies.

• A&C also originated and managed the Transamerica Gallery and noon-time music ‘performances in the park’ program for seven years. A&C’s community-oriented programming successfully helped to change the negative press around the Transmerica’s landmark development and its destruction of the historic ‘monkey block’ arts community.

A&C created programs designed to involve key community groups and to highlight their contributions to the lively cultural mosaic of the area. A series of events and exhibitions was created over a 12- month period, including a photo exhibition of San Francisco’s historic Chinatown, noon-time walking tours of cultural sites, and an exhibit chronicling the historic beat-poet community of North Beach. The programs created goodwill and brought together diverse community constituencies and they garnered highly favorable press.

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