“Art is reaching out into the ugliness of the world
for vagrant beauty and the imprisoning of it
in a tangible dream.”

- George Jean Nathan

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Services | Art Consulting

A&C has developed art consulting projects of all sizes, but we are the only firm in the Western U. S. with sufficient experience to handle major corporate-sponsored multiple-campus projects. We have overseen the development and management of permanent collections of over 3000 works of art, installed in multiple buildings and campuses world-wide. With extensive curatorial expertise in Contemporary art, Asian and African Primitive art, we have been involved in:
  • major art solicitation programs for not-for-profit organizations.
  • events and projects related to company branding and historical archives.
  • in-house galleries showing museum-quality rotating exhibitions.
  • performing arts and lecture programs.
  • art exhibits and interactive programs that directly involve employees with the art, such as lectures and art feedback loops.
  • deaccession or resale of valuable or donated art.
  • investment collections designed to create a self-sustaining art program, while meeting long-term company expansion needs.
  • annual art programs and archive management.
A&C’s curatorial skills and art market knowledge have turned many of our large acquisition projects into self-sustaining programs within a few years of our involvement. We are known for the use of unique strategies that greatly enhance our clients’ ability to stretch a budget or get more value per dollar spent, strategies such as corporate sponsored traveling exhibitions; art loans from museums and private collections; lease-purchase; and the commissioning of site-specific works.

Our multiple-campus clients include the Chevron Corporation, Transamerica-Occidental Life, Golden Gate University, First Interstate Bank, Jenkins & Associates, Inc., Genentech, Inc, Crocker National Bank, The U. S. Government’s State Department, Takashimaya Ltd., Macy’s, 2020 Innovation Group,Ltd. and the Times Mirror Corporation,

Sample projects:

Golden Gate University,
San Francisco, CA:

A&C developed an art program for the University’s main campus to enhance the facilities and improve campus cultural life. Over five hundred works of art by leading contemporary artists and valued at over 2M were donated as a result of our solicitation. We manage the art program plus converting the university’s main lobby into a rotating exhibition space for which we curated seven exhibitions annually.

Genentech, Inc.
Corporate Information Technology
South San Francisco and Redwood City, CA:

For the CIT unit’s new eleven-story building, A&C developed a permanent art & science installation designed to reflect the company’s cultural diversity and scientific leadership, and to simultaneously solve some challenging architectural and design liabilities of the work spaces. Over two hundred works of art by American and International artists are now on display, along with informatively labeled enlarged images of Genentech research figures.

A similar program was implemented for a separate Data Center site that also featured custom-designed enlargements of corporate branding materials. Other projects for Genentech include a deluxe 2005 calendar. (See print communications and art and science projects for more information.)

First Interstate Bank
Los Angeles, CA:

A&C developed an art program for the bank’s headquarters and branches aimed at establishing a more modern image for bank. On an initial budget, of $2.5 million, over three thousand works by leading contemporary American artists were acquired or commissioned over a four-year period. International artists and asian antiques were acquired for the Interntional division of the bank.We managed the art program for nine years. Many of the works of art were donated to leading art museums after the bank was sold.

Guadalajara, MEX and San Francisco,CA:

A&C developed a Mexican folkart collection for the firms North American offices and their Guadalajara branch. Over 300 examples of outstanding decorative folk art was acquired from six diverse geographical regions. The cultural anthropology of these contemporary artists was documented in extensive wall labels and a reception book for the firms visitors. A&C provides art program management services for the collection.

2020 Innovation Group, Ltd.
Birmingham, United Kingdom, Toronto, Canada, Johannesburg, South Africa, Dublin, Ireland, Mill Valley, United States:

A&C manages the company art collection of this international consulting group. We oversee acquisitions, loans and exhibitions as well as provide art program management services for their branch offices worldwide. A&C organized a major exhibition from the collection with a lecture and public relations campaign for “Abstraction and Intimacy in Twentieth Century Portraiture". The project helped develop recognition for the collection and goodwill for the company.

Other services offered include:

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