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Services | Art & Science Projects

A&C has carved out a niche developing projects in the science, biotech and technology fields. Our network of science curators and science writers collaborate with our clients to develop custom-tailored exhibitions, public education and print campaigns with science/technology themes.

Sample projects:

2005 Custom Calendar
Employee Education and Scientific Leadership

Genentech, Inc.
South San Francisco, CA:

A&C produced a deluxe 2005 calendar, using color images from Genentech research (crystallography, microscopy, MRI and computed tomography), that was given as a gift at the Corporate Information Technology unit’s annual employee meeting. (See print communications for more detailed information.)

Art, Science and Technology Exhibitions
Syntex Corporation
Palo Alto, CA:

A&C developed several art-and-science and art-and-technology exhibitions for the Syntex gallery on the company’s Palo Alto Campus. The exhibitions focused on artists whose work was either influenced by science or technology, or whose work included actual references to either discipline.

Marine and Life-sciences
Chevron Corporation
San Francisco, CA:

A&C developed a gallery space at Chevron's twin San Francisco office towers.Over an eight-year period, we organized eight exhibitions annually on art and life-science themes for the gallery. One of the exhibitions, “Undersea Research Photography” traveled to several campus locations under the sponsorship of Chevron. The San Francisco exhibit included a lecture and film series in the Chevron theatre on undersea life around oil drilling platforms and company conservation efforts. Other projects for Chevron have involved consulting on the development of their national circulating exhibition, “Creativity” and the development and circulation of “Bay Area Painters.” Both projects were targeted to highlight Chevron’s support of the arts and enhance their national profile.

Research Figures and Scientific Imaging Technologies
Genentech, Inc.
Research and Developmental Sciences
South San Francisco, CA:

A&C worked with Genentech scientists to develop a protocol for photographically capturing research figures so they can be enlarged to sizes up to 72 inches with minimal distortion. Over eighty images, employing various imaging technologies (crystallography, microscopy, and computed tomography), were produced for permanent display in the research and developmental sciences research facilities. Smaller magnetized versions were produced for display on workstations throughout the new Corporate Information Technology building and Data Center.

Digital Imaging
Transaction Technologies, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA:

For the opening of Transaction Technologies headquarters, A&C developed one of the first exhibitions of photographers and fine artists who use digital images in their work. Many of the artists featured went on to be recognized as leaders of the digital art movement. The exhibition included technical information describing the new digital technology and how it was gaining influence in both the business and fine arts worlds.

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